Three Ways to Manage Your Time in College

College students are always on go. To class to work to visit family to colleges games and an occasional party or two. Thinking back on my college days, I was no different. All I remember was being extremely busy- especially the last couple semesters. From being a full-time student, actively involved in my sorority, working part-time on campus and having two internships all during at the same time. Looking back, there were three main things that helped me get through it.
  • Stay organized: To me, this is the most important thing in being successful in time management and in life really. The way I stayed and continue to stay organized is using a planner EVERY SINGLE DAY. I literally can’t live without it. I am like a chicken with no head running around without my planner and it was a huge component on how I was able to manage multiple things as a student. My secret is to schedule almost every component of your day. What I mean by this is to include things like eating breakfast, getting ready, class, meetings, social gatherings, dinner time and even showering. Yes, I said showering. Make sure to also include the time frame you plan to accomplish every task. Seeing it on paper, helps you not to procrastinate, plan ahead and most importantly, not forget the small details. I would never understand when friends would say they forgot they had a quiz until they showed up to class. If you have a planner that you actively use, you never have to sweat the small stuff.  
  • Stay calm: The worst thing we can do when we have a lot of things going on is panic. When people panic and start freaking out of all the things they have to do, they shut down. One of the things, why people start to panic, is because they are not organized. Which brings me to my first point, when you use a planner, it avoids a lot of panic attacks. Additionally, when you are feeling overwhelmed, go outside. Take a little walk. Breath. Meditating and focusing on the positives of your life can help you stay calm during the hard and stressful times.


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