Two Books to Help You Conquer Life


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If you are like me, you are a fan of Nasty Gal and if you don’t know what Nasty Gal is, you are missing out on cute and unique pieces of clothes, seriously go check it out.

Anyway, the author of #GirlBoss, Sophia Amoruso, is the CEO and founder of Nasty Gal. In this easy-read book, she highlights her journey from being an outcast in school to being a hitch-hiker and even shoplifter to a founder of a now multimillion dollar company all by the age of thirty.

She empowers you to be better and reach for your dreams through her mistakes and experience. It took me two days to read and I am glad to have found this book. I know you will enjoy it too.

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Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally 

There comes a point when we realize that you “need to grow up” and by this I mean taking charge of your finances and debt. And the sooner you come to realize this the better you will be later. Budgeting, investing and retirement are all important aspects of life that often we as young people don’t think about until it’s a little to late. Plus, to many people talking about money can be an uncomfortable conversation. 

Rich Bitch, by Nicole Lapin, talks to you just like it is and in an engaging way. She isn’t afraid to hold back to help you think about how you deal with money in and puts you in check about necessary changes with your finances if you want to have a secure future. She offers great advice and tips on saving and budgeting your money, plus she informs you on things many of us have little experience with like investing and how retirement works, all in a cool  and modern way to empower young women to own it. If you are looking to read a book that will help your life, look no further. 

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