Turning 25- What I’ve Learned


By Leslie Valdivia

Dang, I’ll be 25 this week. Halfway there to 50 and officially entering the  “I’m like a real adult now” category.

The road here hasn’t been easy and I’m grateful for all the things I’ve learned.


1. Take your personal finances IMPORTANT.

Do you want to take a nice vacation? Do you want to buy a home? Do you have student debt to pay off? Do you want to not worry about how you will pay for all of that?

Financial literacy isn’t something we learn in school and often times never discussed at home with our parents, so make sure you take the time to learn about topics like money management, debt and credit management, asset building and much more. Also, teach your family and friends along the way. It’s worth it. TRUST ME- you older self will thank you. If you need resources or don’t know where to start, I am here to help (It is what I do at work ;)).

2. Trust that everything will be okay.

As young adults, we are always worried. When you’re a college student- do I have enough to buy groceries? Will I pass this class? After graduating, will we get the job of my dreams? When will I ever pay off my college debt? We are in a constant state of worrying, but you know what? BREATH. My mom has this saying that goes “Dios provee” or “God will provide”. Everything will work out, and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t for you, it wasn’t your destiny. Just work hard and always try your best. Things that are for you will happen.

3. Take the initiative for the changes you want to see.

We are quick to complain about things we don’t like. At home, at work, in society and so on.

But what are we really doing to change what you don’t like? Many of us leave it to others to fix problems in society or to help our communities, but why not you? Next time you find yourself complaining, ask yourself what you can be doing differently and what you could be doing to contribute to the cause or change the status quo, then DO IT.

4. Have confidence in YOU.

I attended my first ever blogger conference this March and it was life changing. One of the sessions focused on self-confidence and the speaker, Christine Gutierrez, said something that I will never forget, “Crown yourself with confidence”. Sometimes, we are filled with self-doubt. We fill our heads with things like “ I’m not smart enough”, “I don’t have enough experience”, “I am not pretty enough”, “they will never pick me”. But guess what? WE ARE ENOUGH, WE ARE SMART ENOUGH, PRETTY ENOUGH, SEXY ENOUGH, WE ARE ENOUGH!  You can do anything you want. Next time self- doubt kicks in, ask yourself “Why not me?



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    I love it Leslie! Great work!

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