Summer is Coming, Take Extra Care of Your Skin


By Leslie Valdivia



Latinas are known for our devoted love to all things beauty, but many are doing it wrong and. Take care of yourself and look your best this summer with these beauty tips.

1)      Use a lotion for your face with SPF not just during the summer BUT all year around. Additionally, protect hair color and scalp with an SPF leave-in conditioner or spray. This is also important for women with thinning hair. Look for products in the hair aisle that say “SPF”.

2)   Change your foundation color. As Latina women, when we tan or get sun-burned, our skin gets darker, but as our skin tans, many continue to use the same foundation as we used in December. Go to the store and get a shade that matches your summer tan, so you makeup looks flawless all summer long.

3)   Make sure to wash your face at least every night. There are many of you ladies out there that do not wash their face every day and even worse, go to sleep with their makeup on. This is a huge no-no, especially in the summer months, as many of us get oilier and sweat more during the summer. Washing our faces allows are skin to breath, hydrate, feel fresh and get rid of dead skin cells. Lastly, try to use a gel cleanser versus a cream cleaner during the summer as well.


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