Skincare: 3 tips for beginners!


As much as Latinas love all things beauty, we don’t always have the best skincare practices, including not having a skincare routine. As someone who takes skincare very seriously, I know it is important to develop great skincare habits no matter how young or old you are,  here are three simple tips to get started.

1) Skin TypeThe first and most important step in developing a skin care routine is knowing which skin type you have. Dry, normal, oily or combination, there is a ton information online to help you establish that or get professional help.

2) Basic Products- Based on your skin type, buy the basic products that you will use for your daily routine which include a cleanser and moisturizers (one with and without SPF). Use your cleanser day and night and your moisturizer with SPF in the morning and the moisturizer without SPF at night. Along with these products, I also use an eye cream for dark circles day and night and alternate an anti-aging serum and acne-fighting gel every other day.

3)  Make it a HabitThe last important part of creating a skincare routine is making it a habit. I NEVER go a day without washing my face. Make it a habit and once you get into the rhythm of things, you will never go back.

Establishing a skincare routine is not only important to looking great but also having healthy skin. The sooner you begin, the more thankful you’ll be with yourself many years to come!


Stuff I use:



Moisturizer/ Face Oil  



Eye cream:




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