Mexico City: An Unforgettable Trip


It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back from Mexico and I can’t wait to go back.

My visit this time, included the usual of going to Leon, Guanajuato to visit the relatives (which is also awesome) but I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico City for the first time and it was marvelous!


First, we stopped by the Pyramids in Teotihuacán. Mind-blowing in of itself. It’s incredible to think people build those things with no technology. 

It also gave me a new sense of self, the people that build the pyramids are my ancestors, those pyramids are part of me.


Unfortunately due to time, we were only able to climb “La Piramide del Sol”, the Pyramid of the Sun and missed out on the Pyramid of the Moon. And I was glad because the first pyramid was exhausting.

After stopping at the pyramids, we drove into Mexico City. As you enter you are greeted by hills of colorful houses, and as you go deeper into the city,begin to see the long boulevards, metro bus stops, overhead freeways, people and TRAFFIC. 



Right away, we decided it was time to eat dinner, in which my cousin suggested a place called “La Casa de Tono” or Tony’s House. This busy and popular spot in “La Zona Rosa” or Rainbow District in Mexico City. This is a vibrant part of town is widely known for its LGBTQ community, granted it was Pride Weekend in Mexico City so it was poppin’. I ordered a DELICIOUS bowl of pozole,  the house specialty.



IMG_5413                                                                                                       After that, we arrived at the hotel Exe Suites San Marin, located just a block away from El Angel de la Independencia (Angel of Independence), also located on “El Paseo de la Reforma”. It was a very reasonably priced place for the location and  room size it offered, but I warn you if you do valet, do not leave ANYTHING in the car- I left my portable charger and it was gone forever.







Day 2 consisted the ultimate tourist experience.  We started the day off at the  Xochimilco . Known for its’ iconic Mexico City tradition, it was a must-see attraction for me. After traveling from the hotel to the river canal on Uber (trustworthy and safer than catching a taxi), we ate at one of the small food shacks and went on our way down the water.

 They charged $350 pesos per hour and you can bring friends, chelas (beer) and tunes to start the party- or you can buy the total package from other boats.


The rest of the day was filled with museum trips to Museo Frida Kahlo (or La Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera) and Museo Soumaya.


Museo Frida Kahlo is amazing! It holds this unexplainable unique ambiance- the green courtyard and garden creates a peaceful feeling while the decor, artwork and photographs inside the house

makes you want to relive the passionate and firey life Frida once lived. Here is a video from inside the museum- which I did not know was not permitted at the time, so enjoy. 🙂 Also check out the gallery below.



It is also said to hold her ashes on her night room. The temporary exhibit that is currently on display is clothes and garments that Frida wore, found 15 years after Diego Rivera, in his bathroom.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.01.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.01.53 PM

After that, we headed to the newer Museo Soumaya, which was built by Carlos Slim (the richest man in Mexico) in dedication for his wife. Although architecturally beautiful and modern, don’t expect to see any Mexican inspired art or ancient Aztec artifacts here. All the exhibits were from Europe and Asia, which personally were a little disappointing.

After some wandering around and stepping on some huge puddles, it was time to call it a night. We headed back to the hotel and that was that. The next day we left and I headed back to the states.


I left Mexico City a new person and with a deep desire to explore and come back once again. So three key things I learned-

1) Take uber everywhere

2) Don’t leave anything in the car

3) Live in the moment and take it all in.

If you never been to Mexico City, write it on your bucket list.   




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