Featured Latina: Lorena Martinez


This month’s #BossLatina is Lorena Martinez, local hair extraordinaire, entrepreneur, wife and mom!

Name:  Lorena Martinez

What is your title:  Salon Owner/Hairstylist

What do you do?

I co-founded The Colour Bar with my husband Alfonso Martinez. I do some of the business aspect of the salon but I am also part of the stylist team since I love doing hair.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about hair (of course) but I am more passionate about following my true desires and intuition. It took me a while to figure out that career fulfillment comes from loving what I do every day.

What is the best career advice you’ve received?
One of the best career advice that I have gotten is that the right time to do anything is NOW.  A lot of us tend to say that we don’t achieve our goals because we are waiting for the right time. The right time to save money to do our own business. The right time to quit a job or to change careers, but the right time to act is always the present moment. If not now, when?

What is some career advice you would give?
I would like to tell people that the first step for success is to know themselves. We have to know what our likes, dislikes, fears, needs, wants are in order to know what we are going to search for.  A lot of times we are in careers that we dislike because we thought that’s what we wanted to do, but once we are doing the job we don’t like them but we stick around because of financial security. Becoming aware of what we truly want and are passionate about may not be what we studied in college or what we thought we wanted and it’s okay to switch careers until we find the best match.

What do you want people to remember you by?
I would like people to remember me by being my genuine self. I want people to know that I did my best at being me and that’s why I am happy and why I have achieved my goals. This wish comes perhaps as a result of why I decided to do a major career change from an accountant to a hairstylist. I was not fully being me working in a corporate environment so now I can be the “genuine me” I was meant to be by working as an accountant (for my own business) and as a hairstylist.

What do you love about being a Latina?
I love being Latina because we are raised with extremely high standards of ethics and being good people. In our culture, we are instilled good manners from our elders to others around. I love that I have a strong connection to my family and that they continue to be my number one source of support and inspiration. I have found that the ethics that I was raised with have helped to achieve success in my career.

What do you think are the biggest obstacles Latinas face and how can they overcome those?
There are two obstacles I constantly face as a Latina. One of them is having a constant battle over how much time I dedicate to raising a family and building my business. Although, I know that many women in the workforce face this constant challenge to achieve a balance, being Latina places a little extra pressure because we have other women in our family that will remind us how they used to handle life with a lot more kids than we do.  Another challenge I face is knowing that I cannot do everything myself. Coming from a Mexican family, I saw women being able to cook, clean, work, and raise a family so I have to remind myself that it’s okay not to cook dinner every day or that I can have some dishes piled up or that I can hire someone to deep clean my house once in a while without feeling remorse.

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